Soybean Blends

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Time to spill the beans…

We created our very own high-quality, power-packed soybean blend. It’s called UAS N-Compass, and it’s sure to steer your operation in the right direction.

With incredible flowability and striking visual appearance, N-Compass boosts efficiency and control during the application process. After planting, a carefully selected combination of fungicides, insecticides and more provides ultimate protection. Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost of comparable seed treatments.

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Our N-Compass seed treatment comes in a variety of blends—for a variety of reasons. Every field is different, so targeting specific seedborne and soilborne diseases and organisms is critical to your bottom line. From Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) to White Mold (WM), phytophthora, rhizoctonia, bean leaf beetle, wireworm and more, our customizable, all-in-one blends fight off invasive, yield-stealing pests—and administer growth-enhancing nutrients in the process.

Our blends include:

  • N-Compass SDS-WM Soybean Blend

  • N-Compass Plus Soybean Blend

  • N-Compass Azo Soybean Blend

  • N-Compass FST-Only Soybean Blend

Customizable options available too.

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Need nematicide?

They’re invisible. They’re invasive. And they’re stealing soybean yields across the U.S. If nematodes are causing you problems, we’ve got the solution.