Grow with us.

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Gumption. It runs in the family.

Farming takes guts. The dirty boots and calloused hands. The dawn-to-dusk workday. The seeding, weeding, plowing, tilling, baling, irrigating, and taming cantankerous machinery. Farmers make hard work look easy. At UAS, we share that bold, industrious attitude. Our skill and unwavering work ethic instill confidence in every site we visit. And our personal, downhome service fosters powerful, long-lasting relationships—the kind that giant, faceless corporations can only dream of developing.

With conviction in our hearts and dirt on our boots, our family has built this company from the ground up. And our grit, gumption and grace will only take us higher. If you’re ready to grow, partner with UAS today.



Ready to harvest success? Give one of our friendly reps a call at 888-402-4787 or click below to reach us.


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High-Quality Seed Treatment

Soybeans. Wheat. Corn. Even specialty crops like peas and lentils. Whatever you’re treating, we’ve got you covered. With our variety of high-quality, customizable seed treatments, you can give your plants the ultimate protection—from the ground up.


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State-of-the-Art Equipment

From seed treaters to conveyors, tenders, hoppers, pump stands, and more, we’ll get you equipped for success. Whether you’re operating a box-to-box site or a bulk one, our innovative products will boost efficiency and help you work smarter and harder.


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Family-Friendly Service

The best way to gain loyalty is to be loyal. At UAS, we approach every relationship with candor, confidence and respect. Our commitment to our clients is uncompromising, so you can expect welcoming, friendly service no matter the situation. As a family-owned business, we’ll always treat you like family.