Vol. 6: 5 Grilled Corn Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend

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At UAS, we love helping farmers grow healthy, robust corn. With products like BioST VPH and BioST Nematicide, our customers are experiencing increased root development, crop emergence and protection in their cornfields. Healthier crops mean higher yields, and higher yields mean higher profits. Pretty a-maize-ing, right?

While growing corn is great… eating it is even better. Especially on Memorial Day weekend. Treating season is winding down, and grilling season is heating up. With the holiday weekend on the horizon, take note of these 5 delicious grilled corn recipes. They’re sure to leave your family and friends smiling from ear to ear.

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Let’s not overcomplicate things, here. No foil. No husks. No nonsense. Just corn, your grill… and a dash of salt. This recipe is super. Get it here.

Source: Genius Kitchen

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Is this recipe easy, flavorful and perfect for a backyard BBQ? You butter believe it. Recipe here.

Source: Epicurious

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If you want to make any Memorial Day recipe sizzle, just add bacon. To your burger. Your baked beans. And of course, your corn. Go hog-wild for this recipe.

Source: Taste of Home

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Ready for a spicy, buttery burst of flavor in every bite? This Mexican Street Corn recipe will put you on a one-way street to pure satisfaction. Get the recipe here.

Source: Seeded at the Table

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Here’s a kernel of truth… this recipe is absolute dynamite. If you want to spice up your Memorial Day menu, just grill, smother and chomp. Recipe here.

Source: The Endless Meal

From all of us as UAS, have a safe, happy and appetizing Memorial Day weekend. And if you’re hungry for more tips and advice, just call 888-402-4787.

Bob Laustencorn