Vol 5: 5 Last-Minute To-Dos Before Treating Season

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Rain. Sleet. Snow. More rain. More sleet. A bomb cyclone. Mother Nature has been pouring it on us this year. But finally, there’s sunlight at the end of the tunnel. With warmer weather on its way, check these last-minute to-do list items before you start treating seed.

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To maintain the integrity of your seed this season, it’s important to do some simple tidying up on all of your equipment before treating. Not only is cleaning your treater, pump stands, transfer pumps and conveyors part of basic maintenance, it will also uphold their long-term performance. For a step-by-step prep checklist, click here.

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It’s hard to treat without treatment. So be sure to order all of your chemistry at least a few weeks before you plan on treating. It typically takes a 2-3 business days to ship any treatment, inoculant, biologicals, nematicide, or any other chemical once your order is placed. So allow adequate time to receive your order. If you’re treating soon and haven’t ordered yet, call 402-888-4787 today!

NOTE: Be wary of cold weather if you plan on storing your treatment before use. If the forecast calls for temps below 32° in your location, refrain from ordering unless you have a heated shed or barn to store your chemicals. When exposed to cold temperatures, seed treatments and inoculants can experience significant damage to their effectiveness. Chemicals should be stored in temperature-controlled environments between 35-90° F.

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And charge that portable speaker too. While you’re working up a sweat in the shed, boost up your mood with some motivational tunes. Whatever your music preference, the right tracks can provide the perfect backdrop when it’s time to knuckle down and get things done. Our preference? A little—no, a lot—of Bruce Springsteen. Also, if you foresee yourself getting stressed, maybe make a relaxing playlist too. Throw some Enya on there. Or just buy some beer. That helps too.

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It’s not the most thrilling task, but it’s definitely necessary. If you don’t have the proper calibrations set on your treater and pump stands before you begin treating, you could run the risk of overtreating or undertreating your seeds. Too much treatment means less bang for your buck, while too little means less-effective results. If you need help with your calibrations, feel free to call us at 888-402-4787 and we’ll get you set.

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If a question pops up before you start treating, call 888-402-4787. If a question pops up while you’re treating, call 888-402-4787. If a question pops up after treating… you get the idea. Whether you have questions on calibration, troubleshooting, equipment operation, the best way to grill a steak—anything—we’ve got you covered. Simply give us a call and we’ll put you on the path to success.

Alright, enough reading already. Go out and treat!