Vol 8: 5 (Very Important) Friendly Reminders from UAS

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Treating season is over and summer has officially begun. But before you hit the pool or make vacation plans, take note of these 5 friendly reminders from UAS. They’ll save you time, money and unneeded stress come next treating season.

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Have any unopened Exceed SAR? You can return it to UAS for a credit refund. Just contact your UAS rep (or call 402-888-4787) and we’ll get it all set up.


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Weather-wise, it’s been a wild year. Monsoon rains. Hail. Unexpected cold spats. Dropping soil temperatures. If your fields have been affected and you need to replant, we’ve got you covered… and compensated. Give us a call and we’ll discuss.


If you have leftover seed treatment, be sure to store all it in a climate-controlled environment (between 35-90° F). Then, to prevent the separation of chemicals, agitate or shake up the treatment at least once a month. If you have a half-empty keg or just a few gallons left, pump it into 2.5-gallon jugs to save space in your shed. And be sure to use this product first when you start treating next year!

To uphold all of your equipment’s long-term performance, it’s vital to take some cleaning and winterization steps. To learn the proper ways to winterize your treaters, pump stands, transfer pumps and conveyors, just download our Winterization Checklist below.

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Interested in a new seed treater for next season? The AT500H box-to-box treater is compact, affordable and perfect for first-timers. Or, bulk up with an LPV drum treater if your site treats more than 10,000 units! Call us to learn more.

Any other questions? Just hit us up!