Vol. 1: 5 Things to Do After Harvest

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Congratulations. Harvest is finally over (well, hopefully). While every year is grueling and gritty, this year took it to a whole new level. The rain. The snow. The tariffs. The hits just kept on coming. But with vim and vigor, you kept on going. And we applaud that. 

So now that harvesting is all wrapped up, what to do next? Try these 5 ideas. 

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Harvest is hard. If a 12-hour+ workday 7 days a week in the bitter cold doesn’t call for some R&R time, we don’t know what does. So go ahead and treat yourself. Crack open a brew or two. Put on some tunes. Find your spot on the couch and buy some extra batteries for your remote—you might be there a while. Kick back and do nothing for a few days. You deserve it.

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Someone with your work ethic can’t sit in relaxation forever. That’s simply not how you operate. Put productivity back in the driver’s seat by doing some preventative maintenance. On your combines, clean every belt, bearing and chain and make them spick and span for next year. Clean your other equipment while you’re at it. Wash and blow off your sprayers, tractors, planters and seed treaters before it gets too cold, and replace parts if necessary. To help, download our handy Preventative Maintenance Checklist. Sure, it’s miserable. But some grunt work now will avoid future headaches during busier parts of the year.

A little light reading could help you increase your 2019 yields. Browse through our newly revamped website and learn all about inoculants, biologicals and nematicide. Or check out our new-and-improved soybean and wheat seed treatment blends. After you do your research, hit us up and we’ll help you develop a plan for planting season.

Before your proactive attitude wears off, pre-order your seed treatment and any other equipment for next year. Whether you need soybean blends, wheat blends, inoculants, biologicals, nematicide or more, just give us a call and we’ll hook you up. Call 888-402-4787 before December 31st and get 5% off your order.

Okay, that’s enough work. Go back to relaxing now. Watch some football. Maybe make some nachos. Here’s a dynamite recipe to try.


For more helpful tips and advice, be on the lookout for the UAS Uni-5 list next month. Or call UAS at 888-402-4787 and we can chat.