Box-to-Box Treating

Affordable. Flexible. Practical. Box-to-box treating checks all the boxes.

Looking for an economical way to treat seed, but don’t have the capacity for a bulk treating system? Box-to-box may be your best bet. Some box-to-box setups consist of conveyors, hoppers, and a seed treater, and can easily be converted to a bulk setup in the future. Others are just as effective with no conveyors necessary.


The AT500H Seed Treater

With the highly innovative AT500H treater, you get flexibility, convenience, and efficiency all rolled into one. Accurate seed flow metering and patented atomizer technology allow for precision treating. Plus, the atomizer slides out, making cleanup a breeze. And with no additional conveyors necessary—paired with its compact size—maneuvering and storing your system is easier than ever.

AT500H Treater.jpg

AT 500 Screen.jpg


The AT500H’s user-friendly automated screen makes calibration simple. And with reporting capabilities on previous runs, you can see total pounds of seed treated and total ounces of chemical applied. It’s complete control, all at your fingertips.




A box-to-box setup with the LPX2000 or LPV seed treater provides considerable flexibility. Conveyors and hoppers can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing you to maximize your space as you see fit.

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Incredible bulk setups.

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