Vol. 10: 5 Benefits of Box-to-Box Seed Treating

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Maybe you’re a seed dealer. A growing seed company. A grower with 1000+ acres. Whoever you are, if you’re looking for an affordable way to start treating seed, a box-to-box seed treater is right up your alley.

With the AT500H box-to-box seed treater, benefits abound. It comes in manual or fully automated forms, and both support other add-ons like a dry applicator, portable trailer and extra pump stands. Plus, you can choose from a variety of weighing options for your treater, including Loss in Weight, Seed Metering Wheel and Multi-position Manual Adjustable Chamber. 

Check out some more benefits of the AT500H below.

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Simple controls make operating the AT500H easier than pie. Once your treater is set up and your chemical rates are calibrated, simply load a Pro Box of untreated seed onto the treater with your forklift. (Make sure you’ve got an empty Pro Box on the ground ready to collect the seed too.) Turn on your auger and atomizer… open the box’s slide gate… open the atomizer chamber… and watch the seed flow up and out the poly-cupped auger. It’s mesmerizing, really.

By the way, if you need any help with calibration, just call us any time and we’ll walk you through it! 888-402-4787

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One box of seed takes just 5 minutes to treat. And you can knock out up to 800 bushels per hour. That’s like 19,200 bushels a day (that is, if you do literally nothing but treat seed… which we don’t recommend. Treating is fun, but you’ve gotta eat and sleep at some point.)

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Whether you go manual or fully automated, both AT500Hs are chockfull of innovative features that boost accuracy and efficacy. Flowmeters attached to your pump stands regulate the chemical rates needed for the specific treatment blends being applied. As the seed flows down from the box into the atomizer chamber during treating, sensors meter the flow and ensure the appropriate amount of chemical is applied. Science!

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With no conveyors necessary, paired with its small size, moving and storing the treater is a breeze. At 48” wide, the treater fits snugly in the bed of most pickup trucks, making it easy to transport (trust us, we’ve delivered quite a few of these). Plus, forklift pockets on all sides of the treater provide even more convenience.

Inside your shed, dedicate a space about 14’x4’ big for the treater (and 10’ high for the auger). That’s it! For more detailed specs, click here.

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By treating your own seed, there’s a lot to gain… especially when paired with the right seed treatment (ahem, UAS N-Compass). With high-quality treatment, you’ll have more resilient seeds. That means more resilient crops… which means higher yields… which means higher profits. In just a few years, the treater actually pays for itself.


Save time. Save space. Save money. Treat yourself to a box-to-box treater. Call 888-402-4787 to learn more.